Okay – once again, and for the next few days at least, I find myself a man alone in a strange town (albeit the one I supposedly live in) with a mad cat, no-one to play with, and a temptation to resist. Should be an interesting few days.. At least my ..erm, ‘cleansing’ is going well.. not one drop of alcohol of any kind in, let’s see, 10 days now – save for a couple of glasses of champagne to toast Sonja into her swanky new apartment, and one little pick-me-up after the unholy communion experience..

Here’s how I see things panning out..

Gould as Marlowe – and I notice that I’ve begun to do that out-loud internal monologue thing too..


2 thoughts on “Update..

  1. Too damn funny. I do the same thing with my dog. We’re approaching the springtime of our senility..

    Mr. Connell, can you get me 2 boxes of brownie mix ?

  2. Welcome to the club of most of us, Mister Cornetto.

    I’ve been talking to myself for years.

    Hope you don’t turn back to the evil tobacco just because you’re eschewing the demon drink.

    I’m not as much like Marlowe as I am the Susan Sarandon character in Bull Durham, in the scene where she’s cleaning her kitchen…

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