Tilt/shift Sunday..

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas – by the master, Olivo Barbieri..


Remember our night in there, Cheech?..


8 thoughts on “Tilt/shift Sunday..

  1. Hey, that looks nearly as impressive as the Co-op Bank’s pyramid, just off the M56 junction for Stockport and Didsbury. The Co-op’s dark green glass gives it the edge over this one x

    1. Know what you mean. That Co-op building is hell of a structure, although it does look a bit like they ran out money two thirds of the way up and just stuck a top on it. Sorry to hear about Bill Risby..

  2. More news from home…I take it you heard that Moston is now overrun with BNP activists and supporters? It was a close call last week at the by-election for the seat vacated by the death of Bill Risby.

  3. Luxor is better now that they’ve managed to keep it from sinking! But Vegas just ain’t the same without those bigass hurricane glasses. Now they’re all tacky plastic for the Girls Gone Mild.

  4. ROFL! I’m still around (unless you mean from Fireball XL5!!) 😉
    As one of my fav albums says “The Living Return”! And, of course, enjoying Beautiful Mess.
    Hope you and the band are all well! 😀
    Keep smiling!

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