Plus ça change..

I’m finding that, in, rationalising my online presence, as we all must these days, I’m finding less and less time to update here with any frequency. With this in mind, I thought I should let those of you who’ve so kindly followed my meanderings here that I’m not gonna be around so often. Oh, I’ll drop in once in a while – hope you will too – but, for now, if anyone wants me I’ll generally be hanging out on (a) facebook, and (b) friendfeed.. because (a) that’s where everyone is, and (b) that’s where hardly anyone is.. anyway – thanks for tuning in..


2 thoughts on “Plus ça change..

  1. Sue Beswick sends her best and tells you that she bought your latest album as she always does saying it puts some extra pennies in your pocket. She can’t quite bring herself to join The Facebook, she finds the idea of spotty people from the past saying, ‘Ello, remember me?’ disturbing. She says mostly she thinks I don’t want to remember you thanks very much, go away.

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