Recognise this Street corner, Ms Cheech? For anyone else – It’s a shop, a block away from our studio in Hoxton, which I have frequented on many occasions for the purposes of, cheap booze..

What do you call the shop on the corner? – Boing Boing


4 thoughts on “Cornershop

  1. Jesus crap, it’s the offy on the corner. I used to buy my Hula Hoops and orange squash from there. And I rented Reservoir Dogs from the shop a couple doors down. I do believe you’ve almost made me feel nostalgic. Bastard.

  2. Yeah, they still do a good Hula Hoop – and, while “La Arube de Coin” is good, ms Cheech is quite right – the proper English term is ‘Offy’ (abbreviated version of ‘off licence’..)

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