And they called it..

… Currently watching Being John Malkovich, which I stubbornly refused to go and see when it came out, despite, or rather because of, so many of my friends telling me how good it was. I did eventually get it on DVD and one would have to say it’s very accomplished and clever, but I can’t help but find it somehow a little gauche – what Don Simpson used to call ‘High Concept’. Of course that’s an empty phrase, just a way of polishing a turd – if Top Gun is high concept then I think we know where we stand. One big idea – in this case one big head – yeah, quirky I know.. 7and a halfth floor and all that. But the main thing that pisses me off about this movie is that they threw away what I thought was going to be a fabulous story – the puppeteer thing at the beginning, and the connected story of his puppets. I was transfixed for a few moments, and convinced that all my friends had been right – this was staggeringly, heartbreakingly brilliant.. but then.. no, they go and throw it away with the bloody big head thing. The numbskulls…

Anyway – here’s one of the bits I loved. Could only find it in Italian, but I think somehow it works even better that way..

(By the way – I believe the actual puppeteer is a guy called Phillip Huber)


5 thoughts on “And they called it..

  1. You gave in before I did!
    Your reasoning is mine exactly…I’ll start referring to myself in the third person before seeing that film.
    Whatever is supposed to be a “must see” never fails to underwhelm.
    On a different note, the real John Malkovich is great in the dark,slow & weird film called Rounders.

  2. Y’know, I didn’t love this movie either. I don’t really love any of the Spike Jonze movies, and in fact I don’t really love Malkovich in very much. I find his performance often pulls me out of the movie, which ain’t the point of a movie.

    I’d prefer to see Captain Scarlet in a movie. Picture HIM in In The Line of Fire, or Shadow of the Vampire…

    And actually, now Willem Dafoe, there’s a helluva thespian. Small but perfectly formed.

  3. I liked Adaptation a lot, but the same kind of thing happened – thy threw away the last part.. all that wandering around the Everglades shooting at each other.

    Love the notion of Captain Scarlet in In The Line of Fire, but surely he’d have the Clint role. Captain Black, the unshaven renegade, would play the Malkovich part..

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