Look at us – the last stronghold of gracious living in a world gone mad.. mad!

Been musing, this unfine morning, about trains and rivers, and destinies and obligations and life-stories and desires and tennis and, of course, Terry Thomas.. A quick trawl through Youtube reveals that both my favourite Terry moments are now on there..

Can’t for the life of me imagine how, in all my yaddering on here about music and composers generally, and film soundtrack composers specifically, I’ve signally failed to mention the great Neal Hefti, the unchallenged master of that hyper-elegant Manhattan sound. The Odd Couple is, I suppose, his signature work but this one is my favourite. That moment when Terry bends to pick up the mail at the front door, and those velvet horns come sweeping in.. that’s the sound of a New York I was desperate to experience. Of course it had already disappeared long before I finally managed to get myself there, if it had ever actually existed in the first place..

…and, inevitably, the greatest tennis match in the history of the game. From School for Scoundrels, Terry dispatches Ian Carmichael in fine style. How can so much laughter be generated in me just by one man repeatedly uttering the phrase “Hard Cheese!”? Sublime..


4 thoughts on “Look at us – the last stronghold of gracious living in a world gone mad.. mad!

  1. I guess in 1965 any Englishman in New York had to be a butler. How stereotypical. But, that shower was awesome, resembled a car wash.
    Terry’s gap-toothed characters were always entertaining.. “You’re an absolute shower”

  2. Englishmen are always there to wait on us.

    That New York existed, for the extremely wealthy, but I never gained access to that part of the New York elite, but for the odd strange visit as the date of someone else.

    And if it’s any consolation, Andy, I assumed everyone in England looked and sounded like Terry Thomas. Imagine my surprise when I met you!

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