Somewhere deep in the studio..

..We’ll be right back for the Isaac Hayes tribute intro, just as soon as Tim has finished sending his text message..

(beautifully filmed by Gersende Giorgio)


12 thoughts on “Somewhere deep in the studio..

  1. I don’t have any video clips, but boy do I have photos of the early years. Heh heh.

    This does bring back memories, for sure. Maybe you’ll come here to record for a while…?

  2. Would love to see those early photos, C. In fact, I’d love to know more about the early days of SOS. Come to think of it: I’ve NEVER even heard a single DEMO from the band, ever. How did “Breakout” sound in its early incarnation? Etc…

  3. Better without me on vocals.

    Tell ya what, I’ll scan a few pics and send them to Andy. It’ll be up to him if he wants to share…

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