Two more for the road..

Still haunted by this movie.. and just found a fabulous orchestral version of Mancini’s great theme that I hadn’t come across before. Too good, too damn good..


5 thoughts on “Two more for the road..

  1. I agree, Andy. Thanks to you I disovered this film and immediately bought in on DVD. Fabulous, stunning film!

  2. 1967.
    the year i was born.
    there is so much beauty and poetry in this video.
    the soundtrack– like every mancini’s — fits like a glove.
    and even though i don’t know you personally, this is how i see you and corinne for a photo shoot.
    glam, glam, glam.

  3. I finally had a chance to view “Two For the Road”. I love how the stories were woven together… Very touching and I loved the cars, gliders and clothing…

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