.. I’d just like to say a big thankyou to everyone who’s tuned in here and participated, visibly or otherwise,.. Anyway, I’m taking a break, for the summer at least. Feels like there’s getting to be a little too much typing and not quite enough living, so I’m taking steps to reverse that trend for a little while – all the best to you and yours..


9 thoughts on “Hey..

  1. I certainly appreciate you letting me inside your world, Professor Connell. You wouldn’t believe what I have learned. I look forward to the fall semester…

    Thank you


  2. Have a great summer Andy!

    I’ll study up for the fall semister and be ready to participate to the fullest extent. If you find yourself traveling, be sure to check out the east coast of the US. We have some nice architecture and ambiance down here in the south (Charleston as seen in “Forest Gump”, Beaufort from “The Big Chill”, and Savannah from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”)…


  3. Thanks for all the great posts, Andy. It’s been really great reading you. Have a great summer, and hope to read you again soon!

  4. Oh no! Andy, say it ain’t so…..have a monderful summer with your inner monologue
    Hey Cheech – you seem to have an entertaining outlook at the world. Why don’t you fill in 😉

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