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Just arrived back in the capital and messing around with my new 50mm lens… here he is now, hiding behind the macbook pro..

Anyway, here’s a shot of the alcove next to the TV, taken with the little 50mm fella. Hmm.. doesn’t look like The Seventh Seal has been getting many screenings recently..


11 thoughts on “Recently viewed items..

  1. i am craving to get a 35 mm camera (non digital) and start shooting (again!) some grainy pictures.
    when people are buying 14 megapixels camera… all i can think about is going back 20 years ago.
    weird, eh?
    how do you like your new lens?
    sony has a new 14 megapixel camera that’s really amazing.
    but they become obsolete so fast.
    lordy, lord.

  2. i was checking your dvd collection and — my oh my!
    impeccable taste.
    i read “bonjour tristesse” when i was learning french, and it was such a lovely book.
    how is the movie?

  3. Of course I knew you would have these:
    Amelie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Manhattan, and even Curb
    but, I love the fact that you have Rope…my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film.

  4. Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha! Most of your collection looks like part of my collection. Did you prep for LA by watching Sunset Blvd and Day of the Locust?

  5. I see “Tweleve Angry Men” on the shelf. One of my Henry Fonda favorites.

    A Nikon 50mm 1.4, for an autofocus? I never made the jump to autofocus, I still use my 22 year old manual focus Minolta X-700…

  6. Walter – yeah, Bonjour Tristesse is great – never read the book, though.. as for photos, I pretty much live in black and white. The Nikkor 50mm, by the way, is fabulous for portraits – the shallow depth of field things is great and very forgiving for someone like me who’s very keen but hasn’t a clue what they’re doing technically..

    Tessa – I think, all things considered, Rope could be my favourite too – at least for today..

    Cheech – Thought you’d like that. Sunset Boulevard and Day of the Locust are a pretty damn good LA primer, I reckon..

    Paul – I’m afraid I need the AF these days – my eyes aren’t up to manual focus any more. Wish I could get some Nikon AF implants actually..

  7. glad to know you live in black and white. it is becoming a lost art, isn’t it?
    now i must watch “bonjour tristesse”.
    have a great afternoon.

  8. There is room in my world for color as well as black and white. Imagine Amelie without color!

    Next time you’re in LA, I’ll see what I can do about arranging for a cannibalized corpse floating in a pool.

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