Scenes from a sound-check..

Blackburn, King George’s Hall..

Now that’s what I call a well-maintained bob…

The mighty Mr. Wilson..

..and finally, because no sound-check would be complete without a little bit of Butterfly..

(All photos by Gersende Giorgio)


17 thoughts on “Scenes from a sound-check..

  1. Has anyone had any questions about not having any sound on the video? I can’t seem to hear anything on any of my PC’s. I might just have to get that MacBook Pro….

    Gersende took some beautiful shots! I like the wonderfully blurred hands in the fourth shot.


  2. My PC’s been working fine all week without an error…

    I can’t quite see the mermaid’s hands hence I’m at a loss for her words… She has her own version of sign language when combined and expressed through the music……..

  3. Very nice. Was this from the Blackburn gig a couple of months ago or did this mean we going to be lucky enough to see a UK tour in the near future…?

  4. Sorry, the original file somehow lost its audio track during the transfer. I’ve re-uploaded it now. Yes – Blackburn gig a while back. No more UK gigs planned in the near future, I’m afraid..

  5. Well there’s something we don’t get to see everyday around here: a band that’s as good or better LIVE than the recorded…
    If not mistaken, I believe that’s the 1984-2008 Hula Hoops Champion singing.
    No shows planned?! So now whaddawe do?

  6. One thing I forgot to mention before and I don’t mean to sound editorial but…
    For years I’d heard ugly rumors about Ms. Drewery requiring male band members to perform unusual stunts and favors but shaven heads…? (I can’t blame Mr. Connell for taking a different route at all).
    I’m glad her hairstyle as well as performance is timeless.

  7. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, Andy! So who’s playing keyboards? Is it you, Andy, or someone else doing the hard work?

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