Music, metaphor and manipulation..

Two clips saying strangely similar things in strangely different ways..

“…It was that damned sonata..”

“…name the unnameable…”


4 thoughts on “Music, metaphor and manipulation..

  1. Ah, brilliant, Andy! Thanks for reminding of the Leonard Bernstein lectures “The Unanswered Question”! I’ve immediately ordered a copy on DVD. You should recieve at least 10% off all my orders from Amazon! 🙂

  2. Mr. Connell shoots and scores, (again).

    Translation of “feeling to playing” and vice-versa was the first thing you learned w/L.B. As the original Count Dracula, the key was feeling “HIS WAY”…(or else, ha!)!
    He was always in trouble in N.Y. for it. Maybe suggesting to more than one virtuoso “You couldn’t entertain your dog”…had something to do with his bumpy “ahead of his time” road.
    Whatever it was…it was hilarious and fun.

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