Fuel crisis?.. What fuel crisis?..

Yeah, fill her up – why not? We just don’t care!..

But wait! – Here’e what it says on the display behind Corinne’s head..

£63.05p??? For a tank of gas?.. Eminently reasonable, I’d say.


7 thoughts on “Fuel crisis?.. What fuel crisis?..

  1. ha!
    i never got my driver’s license.
    when my parents gave me money to get my license, i bought a nikon camera instead.
    i figured… i could always take the bus, cab… but without a camera, i would never be able to take pictures.
    until today, i don’t drive.
    but i am a great co-pilot.
    besides, we, new yorkers, walk.
    walk, walk.

  2. Surly it’s reasonable for “Quality Fuel” as opposed to “el Cheapo”. About $7.39/gallon in US terms. It looks like Corinne has a nice PT there.

  3. Uggghhh this reminds me that I have to go fill my gas tank today. But, at least it put a smile on my face because Corinne is so cute and stylish. I just might pose like that when I fill the gas tank. 🙂

  4. I bet that PT Cruiser gets better mileage than a Land Rover. That’s not anti-UK sentiment…I’ve got the Rover and love it at $160.00 per tank. What can you do?
    Laugh at jet fuel! Those prices are hilarious.
    Love the picture!

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