Tilt/shift Sunday..

Clemson Stadium


10 thoughts on “Tilt/shift Sunday..

  1. Never been there..Wish I could say my alma mater’s (Ole Miss) stadium was this big, but it holds about 20,000 less (65,000). Great shot though..

  2. I would have preferred an image of The University of South Carolina’s “William Bryce Stadium” as opposed to “Death Valley”. How do you know this is Clemson with any cows in the picture…. (Carolina-Clemson rivalry here, I attended USC)

    My only visit to this stadium was to see U2 during the Lemon Tour, otherwise, it’s a nice image.

  3. LOL, Paul! I feel the same about Mississippi State University, where, coincidentally, my girlfriend attended..Go figure.

  4. Wes,
    I know what you mean…
    You can tell that I attended USC (not the one in CA) due to my lack of proof-reading my last post,”with” should have been “without”. My father is a Clemson fan for some reason even though two of his children have graduated from USC and none of the others have ever attended Clemson.

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