Portable rainbow..


12 thoughts on “Portable rainbow..

  1. I’m assuming a couple of words got cut off on your photo – otherwise, it’s pretty damned impressive if just flipping a book can make a rainbow appear inside you. And if so, they should patent it!

  2. The whole thing reads fine over here – are you trying to read it on your iphone or something? No, it’s true – the rainbow appears inside you – I can feel mine right now.. red and yellow and..

  3. This book presents a nice concept for getting the image to appear as if it were floating. The black pages tend to disappear when viewed against a black background such as the shirt in the youtube flix and at an angle to the pages. The rainbow image, a static image, appears in an arc due to its position on the pages and the viewing angle. I’m not sure what a stick figure would appear to do given that each image would be slightly different, possibly causing a blur. When viewed perpendicular to the sheet, the figure would move as we have all seen before in an animation….

    But it sure looks cool!

  4. Such a quick read, but I guess its one of those books you can delve back into from time to time – however, not when it’s raining & sun is shining…

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