Sydney Pollack, 1934-2008

A clip from Out of Africa, which I guess would be generally considered to be his masterpiece, although my favourite of his movies was The Yakuza, with Robert Mitchum and Takakura Ken, which I saw as a teenager and which planted the seed of a desperate desire to travel to Japan, a whole decade before I would eventually get the chance to do so..

( I’m listening to John Barry’s gorgeous Out of Africa main theme, and remembering that I always subconsciously referred to it as ‘Free Born’ , for reasons that I assume are obvious..)


3 thoughts on “Sydney Pollack, 1934-2008

  1. Sydney Pollack should have a monument in Yankee Stadium.
    An artistic genius, he despised the suits and was still able to shmooze, model and carve his work…HIS way. A great artist, a great man. C-ya Sid!

  2. Y’know, I couldn’t stand Out of Africa. In fact, I don’t rate anything he directed since 3 Days of the Condor, which I liked immensely. I’m kinda glad he stuck to acting and producing for the most part.

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