Can’t hide love..

Because, well.. you just can’t, can you? Foolish to even try..

Dionne does Earth, Wind & Fire. Actually, I reckon this is the only cover of an EWF song that surpasses the original, although at least one of our background singers vehemently disagrees with me on that point. Anyway, I’m delighted to find this footage, as I used to play the hell out of the album version – a live recording with Isaac Hayes, which incidentally featured a wonderful duet, him singing By the Time I Get to Phoenix and  Dionne singing I Say a Little Prayer, weaving the melodies in and out of each other – an idea I’d later respectfully borrow for a live version of Lala Means I Love You and Am I the Same Girl?

Speaking of inspiration, I’m pretty sure that Love Won’t Let You Down spent much of its formative years wanting to be this song when it grew up..



8 thoughts on “Can’t hide love..

  1. This is very nice, although for me the big surprise is how well she handles Love to Love You Baby – Can’t Hide Love was already a great track. I recently heard an excellent remix of the EW&F original by Masters at Work that was one of the most “respectful” remixes I’d ever heard – they’d somehow managed to make it sound contemporary without destroying what made the original so great. Maybe it’s one of those rare tracks that turns out well however it’s done.

  2. Gotta love the big band w/Dionne. Way better than EWF- if we’re indulging in that kind of drama; and as long as I am:
    Love Won’t Let You Down is a great pop tune that stands on it’s own terms in SOSland and elsewhere.

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