Spinning and spiralling..

.. through the sky. I was reminded of this last night, by une belle petite oisette (I know, that doesn’t really work, does it?). Anyway, the very striking girl accompanying Corinne in a few scenes is, of course, the lovely Belinda, delectable wife of Mr. Staveley O’Duffy, who can himself also be seen hurtling far too fast towards me down our favourite piste..

As is no doubt apparent, this was pretty much my first attempt at iMovie. Let’s be generous and say it has a certain..er, ‘naive charm’..


7 thoughts on “Spinning and spiralling..

  1. Hey, Mr. Wizard! Paul Thomas Anderson would be proud!

    Hey, you two should hook up.. Paul needs a ” Wizard” film score composer!

  2. So YOU are the director of this video, Andy? Had I known that… Anyway, I’m the one who uploaded it on YouTube, so blame me for spreading it to the world…! It has a wonderful charm to it. (If you want me to remove it, just tell me.)

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