Which way..

..is she turning? Clockwise, or anti-clockwise?


10 thoughts on “Which way..

  1. I tend to see clockwise. By using my peripheral vision I can catch her going counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise for those on the other side). But then again, if you watch closely, does she make a full turn or just go 180° one way and reverse????

  2. I’ve been doing it for a while, and I can pretty much change her at will now. At first, it was clockwise all the way, but I thing Pb is onto something – her leg movement is actually just the swing of a pendulum, the movement is implied by other stuff. I find if I put my fingers at either end of the arc her outstretched leg makes,and then stare at her standing foot, then I can switch the movement much more easily.

  3. My brain hurts. I think it’s like those Magic Eye thingies that I have an incredibly difficult time seeing.

  4. I found that the easiest way to have her change directions is when she is in profile. It is then easier to see the leg swinging back towards (or away)from the viewer and in this fashion, she never makes a complete revolution. The key is to have her reverse rotation while in profile as the viewer has the oportunity to imagine the change in direction then.

  5. OK, now I can make her switch. If I stare to the side of the image, only seeing the image in the corner of my eye, it will eventually seem to change directions. The key not to focus on it. Once it seems to change, you can focus on it again and it will keep moving in that direction… at least that’s how it works for me.

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