2001, A Space Atrocity..

.. This just in, from Mr. Paul Staveley O’Duffy..

“A good mate of mine (Karl Phillips) is a techy for Robanna’s Studios in Brum and one day recently he was asked to set up and operate a PA at a school concert..”

(Only click the link if you’re not drinking liquid of any kind.)


8 thoughts on “2001, A Space Atrocity..

  1. have you ever listened to Ray Conniff’s version of Zarathustra?
    it is called “Bah Bah Conniff Sprach”, and of course, it was recorded with the singers from “The Patridge family”; The Bahler Brothers, Sue Allen, Jackie Ward and Sally Stevens. It’s quite entertaining…

  2. Mercy mercy me. Poor parents who have to listen to this and pretend they’re enjoying the efforts of their cute offspring.

  3. They’re playing it with FEELING! Honestly, if someone had told me that this was a recording of some avant garde free-jazz ensemble from Denmark, I may well have believed it. I guess it’s all about context.

  4. Joey, have you ever heard an avant garde free-jazz ensemble from Denmark before? My guess is, that they would be insulted by the comparison! 😉

  5. One last post from me on the college subject. I think that Andy’s post really had me laughing knowing that this theme song is played before all of the USC football games. Here’s a link to how we do it.

    Sorry for all the USC posts Andy, I’ll sit back and behave now…

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