My little homage to M. Satie..

Another little Outsiders snippet, in the Satiesque style, which never made it to the final cut. Video is a brief moment from a picnic with Ayu in Yoyogi Park..


11 thoughts on “My little homage to M. Satie..

  1. Keep…these…coming.

    You know we are all thrilled by these new audio/video treats…

    Hell, its as though you could sprout a whole new site just dedicated to these home-movies!

  2. I think I’ve mentioned it before, you really should check out Je Te Veux – but not Felicity Lott’s rendition. Louise

  3. More, monsieur Connell, MORE, PLEASE!

    These snippets are just way too good to be wasted. Collect them please and let us hear it!

  4. And I thought it was Cornell.. Nice snippet. With all the various videos that I’ve seen, may I ask what type camera you have been using or favor?

  5. Another thing, Andy. This wonderful snippet from “The Outsiders” forms the basis of the song “Out There” on the new album, right? It’s the same theme as on the “French Song”, isn’t it? So… did all this music stem from your wish to do a homage to Erik Satie? If that indeed is the case, then it’s a wonderful synchronicity for me since I happen to adore Satie and adore “Out There”!

  6. Bjorn,
    How very observant of you.. You’re quite right, they all share the same basic DNA, although the Satie-like treatment was not the actual germ of the idea, but was itself a reworking of the original theme..

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