Bennett Freed’s three-step guide to successful band management..

It’s a question we get asked all the time: what qualities should I look for in a good band manager? Choosing a manager for your band can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your career, and it’s one that needs to be approached with much careful consideration. Here we’ll take a brief look at the working methods of one of the unchallenged masters of this most difficult of crafts, Mr. Bennett (Hellooo Tokyooo) Freed..

Step 1. Adopt an air of quiet authority. Dress smartly but unobtrusively. Bands are renowned for their colourful, often childish behaviour, but it is your job to stand aloof from the fray and conduct their business affairs in a sober, adult fashion..

Step 2. Maintain a commanding presence when dealing with the record company. Let them know that you’re in charge. Once again, your appearance and demeanour are crucial here. The band must feel confident that you are negotiating on their behalf in a professional manner..

Step 3. Protect your artist at all times. It is of the utmost importance that you let no distractions interfere with the artist being able to carry out their task – for example, during a prestigious photo-shoot for the cover of an influential style magazine it is your job to ensure that all parties are focussed on the job in hand, and to take swift and firm action to put a stop to anything which may cause the artist to be, even momentarily, distracted..


11 thoughts on “Bennett Freed’s three-step guide to successful band management..

  1. “Hello Tokyo……Are you ready to have a good time? (Yeah!) Are you ready to lose your mind? (YEAH!) I’ve lost mine, please welcome Swing Out Sister!!”..

    (that’s gotta be Mr. Freed’s voice…)

  2. This is sooo brilliant, Andy. Wonderful stuff! So when will Mr. Freed realize the importance of having a book written about SOS?

  3. Dear Bennett,

    I’ve been tapped as a rep for the Indian Kumbh Mela festival coming to New York in 2012. The negotiations have taken place between the two governments and a group of White House/Democratic Party event planners are writing up a powerpoint proposal right now.

    My contact person is Baba Rampuri ji, the first white Saddhu ever to be initiated. He is, after 40 years, of the tribal leaders of the ancient Juna Acara sect and quite influential within their ranks. He asked me to help find him a manager and agent since he is the spokesperson for the event. He’s also written a GREAT book “Autobiography Of A Saddhu”.

    I’m looking for allies who would ‘get it’. This will be a huge event and Rampuri needs some veterans of the American business and media scene to protect him and the fair. He holds all the rights and they are negotiable. He will be addressing both the spiritual and commercial concerns in an intelligent manner.

    If you feel that this is something you’d like to discuss further it would be a great opportunity to speak in person. Please use my personal email ‘’ to reply


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