Maggie & Brick..

Paul and Liz, in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, of course. No reason, just beautiful is all. Look at these people.. did anyone ever look better than these two? Look at that room.. He’s an alcoholic recuperating from a broken leg… and look at his damn pyjamas. Hell, even the crutch looks cool..

(.. of course, nothing that’s posted here, however beautiful, is there for ‘no reason’, now, is it?..)


8 thoughts on “Maggie & Brick..

  1. Except for that brass bed, most of that decor is back in style. So, my nogahide beanbag chair should be quite the centerpiece in a few years. I love this era of cinema.

  2. The way the mirror is used is spectacular and I LOVE that room. Everything in it is so beautiful including Liz and Paul. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

    “…Hell, even the crutch looks cool”
    I can hear Liz laughing as I read that. You’re so funny Andy.

  3. If you’re talking interiors, you need the Newman and Shelley Winters pairing in ‘Harper’. Now, her character really knows how to put a room together.

  4. what’s the score of “Harper” like?
    i love mandel’s score for “the sandpiper”.
    “the shadow of your smile” is still one of my favorite songs.
    speaking of great movies… that’s another taylor/burton classic, filmed in BIG SUR.
    in the new dvd set, there is a documentary about big sur, shot in the 60’s.
    have you seen it yet?

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