Going back to my roots..

Somebody just drew my attention to this..

The Roots – Live, Toronto – March 30, 2008

Tickled me, anyway – gotta love the Roots..


4 thoughts on “Going back to my roots..

  1. That’s awesome, but the camera work made me want to projectile vomit. Reminded me of that reggae room at that college (Imperial? Kings?) where we were drinking those blue Windex drinks.

  2. Yeah, I nearly flipped when I heard this the first time… one of my favorite groups sampling another of my favorite groups. The song, BTW, is called “Quills”.

    (BTW just got my signed copy of Beautiful Mess — much thanks!)

  3. Please tell me you got paid for this…

    Almost as bad as “drive a lexus, drive mercedes” Styla…Sorry, but true…

    Can’t touch Questlove, though…He’s producing the new Al Green record and a few tracks from it have been leaked….Niiiiiiiice is the word…

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