Glass half-empty?..

.. Not for this guy. I’ve witnessed some pretty stunning musical performances over the years, but I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like this. Must admit, I didn’t think it was real at first. Oh, and if you want to try it at home, you’ll need proper, expensive crystal wineglasses, apparently – not those ones you got free down at the petrol station..


4 thoughts on “Glass half-empty?..

  1. Holy moly.

    I’m glad you’re back to regular blogging, but I sure do wish you’d come to visit. I’m quite jealous that you and V have been dining without me!

  2. I wonder if different liquids would yield the same results. Using Bushmills might give off a bagpipe sound, Fosters would make a didjeridu sound and Yamazaki would give a koto/biwa sound.

    I’ll research this further and report back.

  3. Our impromtu concerts during the christmas and thanksgiving meals never sounded quite that polished… Those were the only times that we would come in contact with the proper instruments…

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