Sing where you are, even as it vanishes..

“…To celebrate both his literary accomplishments and his contributions to the University of Illinois, the Provost’s Office commissioned production of five short video works, each of which interprets a passage from one of Richard Powers‘ novels – The Goldbug Variations, Galatea 2.2, Plowing the Dark, The Time of our Singing, and The Echo Maker. The videos are a collaborative endeavor between Powers and a group of artists and designers from the School of Art + Design.

Over the next several months will publish all five video works. This interpretation based on The Time of Our Singing is the first installment…”

Editing & Composing

Travis Austin
Becky Nasadowski

Art Direction

Daniel Goscha

Sound Design

Travis Austin

Voice Over

Richard Powers

Text From

The Time of Our Singing, by Richard Powers


3 thoughts on “Sing where you are, even as it vanishes..

  1. A striking declaration of what music means, well said. I wish I’d been able to describe my thoughts so unreservedly. If I could I’d probably still be married…on second thought, f#*k it.
    Cheers from Ohio

  2. In other news, I checked this out yesterday….Pity, you can’t really hear Mr. Powers’ narration, but it gave me all the better reason to pull out my copy of “The Time of Our Singing”…Thanks, Mr. C for posting-and, again, this man is too good for humans to computate…

  3. A fine collaboration of artistic and analytical minds; and Mr. Powers speaks for himself.
    There’s a razor-like clarity suggested that speaks to me. I enjoyed this stunning piece of work immensely.

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