You Freud, me Jane?..

Hope you had a good Valentine’s evening. Mine was spent in the company of the inimitable Jody Linscott. She brought round ‘Marnie‘, which I hadn’t seen in years. Great movie – Bernard Herrmann really goes to town on the score – I’d quite forgotten how powerful it was – not much of which is featured in this clip.. it’s somebody’s home-made edit, which captures the prevailing mood quite nicely, I think.. and anyway, it contains my favourite little vignette where Sean is telling her about the flower..

(…this clip is posted on Youtube and in the comments section somebody has written the following..

“I think all the beauty of Hitchcock movies comes from the fact that sex is considered as an awkward act. Love, sex and desire are everywhere but in the act itself.”

Not bad, huh?..)


3 thoughts on “You Freud, me Jane?..

  1. That’s twisted man! Creepy.
    Bernard Herrmann always did these so well. “Mr. Haunt & Disturb”.

    I heard someplace that of all the blonds that affected Hitchcock the most, Tippi Hedren had a reserved seat at the top of his list.

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