Social butterfly..

Well, perhaps caterpillar then.. After my four-day stint without human contact of any kind, this week has begun a little more promisingly – two straight evenings of relaxation in the presence of others! Guzzling Guinness in the Reliance bar with a not-yet-renowned film-maker on Monday, and, last night, dinner in Clerkenwell with the utterly captivating and hugely talented photographer, Ms. Valerie Phillips. Here’s one of her pictures..


Oh, the social whirl! When will it all end? Today, actually.. back to Hoxton and in the studio for the foreseeable..


3 thoughts on “Social butterfly..

  1. Care to enlighten us what film you’ve been working on? I really enjoyed “The Knickerman” and its beautiful music score, so I’m looking forward to this new project!

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