When this old world starts getting me down..

Happy birthday to the Queen, the absolute Queen, of song-writing..

This is the song of hers I like the best, and nobody ever sang it better..

We had the huge pleasure of meeting Carole – sadly just the once. One of my favourite Corinne moments, actually. We were performing at the Supper Club in New York and, at the time, Carole’s daughter Louise Goffin was opening for us.  At the sound check, Louise let us know that Carole was in New York and would be attending the show that evening. Louise is a delightful, talented girl, but very conscious of, and understandably nervous about, the fact that she’s the daughter of a legend..

So, just before showtime, Corinne is in the ladies room putting on her make-up (backstage facilities are not great at the Supper Club) and spots someone familiar in the mirror next to her. In typically disarming Corinne style, she turns and introduces herself with the words… ” is it.. are you.. Louise’s mum?”..

She stayed for the gig and hung out in the dressing room afterwards, saying very gracious and enthusiastic things about the performance – you never saw a band look more pleased with itself .. Turns out she was preparing for her role in the Broadway production of Blood Brothers and was workng on her Liverpudlian accent. I recall we all took turns to demonstrate to her the proper way to say “You’re a fookin’ staaarr!!”

She fookin’ is, and no mistake..


5 thoughts on “When this old world starts getting me down..

  1. What a great antic dote that needs to be in the SOS Coffee Table book that I’m sure is on your “to-do” list. As a child of the 70s/80s, CK is an icon of singing & songwriting.

    Does Corinne have any similar “Andy Moments” ? We’d love to hear a few

  2. carole is, indeed, fantastic.
    i remember when i shot her, many years ago, for interview magazine.
    i was super nervous and called her assistant, came up with a ton of different ideas, for the shoot, but they were all inadequate, because she could only give me half an hour to snap a few pictures.
    we ended up going to the paramount hotel, where she was staying.
    after getting her make up and hair done, and getting dressed for the pictures, she picked up the guitar, and sang
    “you’ve got a friend” for all of us.
    i was in heaven and deeply touched, by her kindness.
    of course i had, in handy, the tapestry box set, which she kindly signed for me.

    ah! it is such a privilege to photograph musicians, whose work i am fond of.

    now, andy… are you ready for your headshot with corinne?

    i have a pile of photos and books set aside… and ideas!


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