Some dumb thing I realised today..

I like to win. Of course I do, who doesn’t? But I’m also more than happy to lose. The one thing I absolutely will not be seen to do is to compete. If an outright win is not an option, I’ll take an outright defeat. Yeah, I know – binary opposites, polarity, good and evil, man utd – man city… anyway, just a thought…


2 thoughts on “Some dumb thing I realised today..

  1. As a kid, I learned to love the uniform. The colors, fans, organization and building were my obsession. Victory and/or defeat were almost an afterthought.
    It’s all in the drama…I leave the competing to those needing it.

    The beauty is in the performance. I prefer the product.

  2. Sometimes, when I forget that you’re a guy, I remember you like frickin’ sports. Other than that, you’re just about perfect.

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