Hoop dreams..

The inventor of the Hula Hoop passed away this week.  Richard Knerr, who also came up with the frisbee, died on Monday at the age of 82. As the Guardian reports.. “Knerr founded the Wham-O toy company with his childhood friend Arthur “Spud” Melin in 1948. The pair made sporting goods such as catapults, boomerangs and crossbows, before branching out into less harmful territory with products such as the Superball, the Slip ‘n’ Slide water slide, and Silly String.”

“Their break came in 1958 when they heard about a large ring that was being used for exercise in Australia. Wham-O used plastic to create their own version of the ring, which they called the Hula Hoop. Their promotion of their product in the playgrounds of southern California paid off; according to the company, they sold 25m Hula Hoops in four months.”

As a tribute I’m revistiing a young lady who certainly knows the business end of a hula hoop, and somebody who does things which I doubt Mr. Knerr ever envisaged being attempted with his product. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you once again the remarkable Elena Lev. Honestly, it’s enough to make a demon dwarf jump around on his bed..


5 thoughts on “Hoop dreams..

  1. But can she throw a frisbee? I don’t think so…
    Notice during the performance, she barely moves her head: She’s obviously consumed with preserving her hairstyle.
    Nobody with that degree of hair responsibility can throw a frisbee effectively. Beautiful show though.

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