6 thoughts on “Yuletube

  1. You’re editing your posts tonight, Mr C…Don’t see why not you cannot add some freshly mastered teaser clips of the new album on that “box” to our right. Perhaps some full downloads for PURCHASE?!…C’mon. You know you want to.

    Love ya,

    Psycho Wes G

  2. You’re right. Probably force of habit – I’ve been editing myself fairly constantly for the oast couple of weeks or so. As for freshly mastered clips, you full well know that, as the master is still in transit to the Pacific rim, I’m hardly in a position to be able to do that right now..

  3. Anyone else tired of Mick Hucknall (aka Simply Red) appearing in their Swing Out playlists on pandora.com? I can appreciatively understand Dusty, and maybe even Basia, but hearing ‘Holding Back the Years’ unplugged for the 43rd time this hour is getting to be a bit much….

    I’ll have another egg nog and Jack,

    Wes G

  4. How many times have I watched that special…….. I’m sure I’ll watch it again this year with my kids…..

    Glad to see you’re back online. I’m sure that are a quite a few individuals that hope to keep you and the band gainfully employeed.

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