They’ll like us when we win..

.. let Toby be Toby. I know, I know – I’m far too Sorkin-centric at the moment, but I do believe he’s as close as we’ve got to a Bard these days..


5 thoughts on “They’ll like us when we win..

  1. Yes and I’d like to thank you for my latest ADDICTION! Studio 60. Oh my God I’m half way through and wish netflix would hurry up with my next disc. Matt just loves Harry. and I just love him! And as for Danny…and Jordan…oh and Harry i’m just mad about Harry. oh and Jack! and Lucy, she’s adorable and Tom oh he’s so lovely, awww… and….oh the disc! It’s here!

  2. Amazing how the post works… you wish it was here, and suddenly it is!

    On a side note… I met Marvin Hamlisch today 🙂


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