And beauty surrounds ye..

Now this did raise a wry chuckle. From a few years ago, Mr. O’Duffy and myself moonlighting under pseudonyms to produce and arrange this oft-overlooked contemporary classic for loveable English eccentric and all-round good bloke, Mr. Vic Reeves. Actually, it charted higher than Breakout in the UK. Sound quality on the video is not great, but I still find it somehow oddly moving, and I’d quite forgotten about all the Strawberry Letter 23 references – not entirely sure any more as to why we did that…


3 thoughts on “And beauty surrounds ye..

  1. This is great, Andy! I’ve always loved your version, I bought the 7″ single back in 1991. And I even have the extended version on the CD single…

    So you and Mr. O’Duffy are the mysterious “Schwantz & Senna”, eh? 🙂

    Still, you were not entirely anonymous, since executive producer Mr. Morley mentioned you on the back cover.

    But the word for this is brilliant. Period.

  2. I second that, Bjorn.

    Love the Strawberry homage, and I even detect some Barry White at one point on the harpsichord licks…Great tune indeed. I need a copy now!

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