Good morning, Tokyo

Ha! The wonders of Youtube.. Had forgotten about this kind of thing. Seems like a different place and time now.. I suppose I should say thanks to Wes for sourcing this -it was filmed in the little concert area at the top of Tower Records in Shibuya, in case you were curious..


14 thoughts on “Good morning, Tokyo

  1. Damn, just a little too slow in catching up on this site. The video is already gone….. I guess I should use the RSS feed to keep me up to date????

  2. Thats weird, First click said that the clip had been removed, I tried again and it’s there. I like your version of “Windmills.. ” so much more than the Noel Harrison version.

  3. Speaking of live performances, play backs, etc: how do you feel about this version your classic “Now You’re Not Here”, Andy?

  4. Paul – thanks for the kind words, but I’m sure you know that, to me, the Noel Harrison version is a work of God-like genius..

    As for the new version of NYNH.. it’s an, er.. intriguing interpretation. Actually, I don’t really think it works at all, but it’s nice to get covered from time to time. Melodie is a great girl – sang background vocals on the original track, incidentally – and it’s good to see her getting to the front of the stage here. I believe she still lives in Tokyo

  5. That’s interesting. I have an old VHS copy at home which the Tower people gave to me. I seem to recall being told that it wouldn’t be made available publicly – yeah, right..

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