Best TV theme/opening credits?..

..OK, it’s probably still Banacek, but this certainly gave it a run for its money back in the day. Jerry Fielding’s fabulous score for McMillan and Wife, staring Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James. I had a huge crush on her at the time, but now I’m wondering whether I actually had a crush on Jerry Fielding’s arrangement. She was cute, though..


15 thoughts on “Best TV theme/opening credits?..

  1. I loved that show and didn’t recall the theme music until now. Great stuff.
    p.s. – I also thought Mrs McMillan was cute !

  2. Completely forgot about that show, and it was a great show too! thanks for the memories. Regarding best theme; Gotcha by Tom Scott, otherwise known as the Starsky and Hutch theme. its on his great album “Blow it Out”

  3. Sounds great! By the way, are you familiar with Neil Richardson’s fabulous “The Riviera Affair”, “Rio Magic” and other goodies? The best tunes SOS never did! 🙂

  4. Funny, I was never a fan of this show, but my mom liked it. I liked all the other detective shows in this series, though, Columbo and McCloud. (and I know how you feel about Columbo, Andy)

    I always was particular to the Ironside music, and was always a fan of the weird disabled detectives, like Ironside and Longstreet, or the weird ones in general, like the Night Stalker. And as you probably know, I was a big fan of Starsky and Hutch, who were handicapped by their incredible hotness. Did you know that David Soul did a cover version of Bird on a Wire? Yes, that’s right.

  5. It’s great…(still have a thing for Susan St. James too).
    Arriving a little later on a different octane note, Hawaii Five-O and theme from S.W.A.T were favorites.
    The Avengers is still my top pick.

  6. One of the films I most enjoyed this year was Demon Seed with Julie Christie. I made a note of the score’s composer, Jerry Fielding. Delicious.

  7. British ITV to it’s eternal shame never properly played the theme music either for mcmillan and wife or for Mystery Movie…… my view the show’s name, theme and format has never been surpassed…….ps the generic theme for the NBC mystery movie (never played by ITV) was surely the pinnacle for tv popular music, agree?

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