Prize Brooker

Charlie Brooker, ladies and gentlemen..

Happened to tune into this segment in the early hours a couple of nights ago, and thought it was about the best bit of TV commentary I’d seen in quite a considerable while. And, hey presto, sure enough it’s already up there on Youtube..


3 thoughts on “Prize Brooker

  1. Very well put! It reminds me of seeing parts of Nacy Graces’ show. A lot of nothing that tries to stir up public out cry when all of the facts are not known. News today is just a bunch of bull for the most part.

  2. And considering the fact that most tv channels nowadays broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week… Pretty soon they run out of stuff to broadcast, and news is a cheap and fast way to fill the empty spaces. Oh, and commercials too, of course. It all gets irritatingly anodyne. Honestly, I’ve quit television, and I only use my tv set to watch films on DVD. Oh, and I’ve started to read more books again. It’s quite refreshing. Try it!

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