Subliminal packaging

There’s a nice little design touch in the FedEx logo which I certainly wouldn’t have noticed were it not for this article..

..anybody get it without looking?

Actually, The Sneeze, which is home to the above piece, also carries my absolute favourite food review series, the marvellous ‘Steve, don’t eat it!’, which I was lucky enough to be directed to some time ago by Cheechwizard, and which I still consider to be possibly the funniest web page currently in existence..


4 thoughts on “Subliminal packaging

  1. Oh yes! Being a graduate of journalism school (that included my fair share of advertising classes), we were told this story numerous times. Wish I could remember it exactly, but I just recall that at the time, the firm that created the logo demanded an ungodly sum based specifically on the “subliminal” arrow, suggesting “swiftness” and “movement” and other crap. Bottom line: They got what they asked for — the largest advertising purse (at the time) in advertising history. FedEx paid millions.

    I always had a feeling I went into the wrong end of journalism!

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