First day at school

From ‘Images that changes the world’. I’m so proud..


“…It was the fourth school year since segregation had been outlawed by the Supreme Court. Things were not going well, and some southerners accused the national press of distorting matters. This picture, however, gave irrefutable testimony, as Elizabeth Eckford strides through a gantlet of white students, including Hazel Bryan (mouth open the widest), on her way to Little Rock’s Central High…”


(by Will Counts)


4 thoughts on “First day at school

  1. A great picture. I did a Wiki on Hazel Bryan and it seems this piture certainly changed her world…

    “Hazel Massery, (born Hazel Bryan), was a student at Little Rock Central High School during the 1950s. She became famous in 1957 as the result of an iconic photograph showing her shouting at Elizabeth Eckford, one of the Little Rock Nine, during the integration crisis. In her later life, she would work with Eckford to further the goals of racial harmony. She appeared with Eckford and the rest of the Little Rock Nine on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and at the 40th Anniversary Celebration of integration at Central High. The reunion provided an opportunity for acts of reconciliation, as noted in this editorial from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on the first day of 1998:

    “One of the fascinating stories to come out of the reunion was the apology that Hazel Bryan Massery made to Elizabeth Eckford for a terrible moment caught forever by the camera. That 40-year-old picture of hate assailing grace — which had gnawed at Ms. Massery for decades — can now be wiped clean, and replaced by a snapshot of two friends. The apology came from the real Hazel Bryan Massery, the decent woman who had been hidden all those years by a fleeting image. And the graceful acceptance of that apology was but another act of dignity in the life of Elizabeth Eckford.”[1]”

  2. Reminds me of a cute little rhyme kids used to sing to me at school – “Wogga matter? Nigga mind! Be all White tomorrow!” Now only rappers are allowed to use such language. That’s progress!

  3. My question is, why is it alright for black rappers to include what are racist names and comments in their songs? If a white guy did the same, they would be lambasted as ‘racist’. Is this a cultural thing with black youth culture, and why do they glorify criminals, violence, drugs, sex [including abusing females] and all the negatives things about society? Is this cultural? Could and should a white guy sing about the same things in white society and get away with it?

    The sad thing with poltically left wing people is that they assume all white folks are racist, and that black and asian folks cannot be racist. Black and Asian people can be just as racist as any other ethnic group, be they white, black, brown or other. No doubt my comments will be vilified by the left.

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