I am, of course, a huge fan of the great classic songwriters – Bacharach/David, Carole King, Smokey, Brian Wilson.. some remain behind the scenes, relatively unrecognized, like Jimmy Webb, while others go almost completely unnoticed but for their work – Roger Nichols, who wrote the sublime ‘Goodbye to Love’, amongst many, many others..

But there’s one one man of such towering ability that I find it a travesty that his work is not more widely exposed. Oh, sure, the purists know, and appreciative nods are exchanged at the mere mention of songs such as ‘Pigeons in Flight’, or ‘Up and Down Like a Bride’s Nightie’, but surely it’s time to give this man the place in the history books that his work deserves. I refer, of course, to Mr. John Shuttleworth. Here he is performing one of his lesser known pieces, ‘I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now’. Enjoy a master at work..


3 thoughts on “Songsmith

  1. Y’know, you’ve always had a weird issue with sweet and savo(u)ry. It’s nice to know you are nothing if not consistent.

  2. It reminds me of another classic from that songstress Jaki Graham, ‘I don’t mind sex, just pull down me nightie when you’re done.’ Love is a many splendoured thing.

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