Mull of Kintyre pornography test

Mull of Kintyre pornography test: “Mark Frauenfelder:
From Wikipedia:

200707231853 The Mull of Kintyre test was an unofficial guideline said to have been used by the British Board of Film Classification in the United Kingdom to decide whether an image of a man’s penis could be shown.

The BBFC would not permit the general release of a film or video if it depicted a phallus erect to the point that the angle it made from the vertical (the ‘angle of the dangle’ as it was often known) was larger than that of the Mull of Kintyre, Argyll and Bute, on maps of Scotland.

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4 thoughts on “Mull of Kintyre pornography test

  1. What an amazingly British thing that standard of measurement is! Only we Brits could apply such mundanity to something sexual. I bet that had something to do with Mary Whitehouse.

  2. I wonder if Paul Whitehouse the comedian is related to Mary W? Or, indeed, to David Whitehouse QC, defending in the Chris Langham case…

  3. I see now that the difference between ‘True North’ & ‘Magnetic North’ can alter things significantly….

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