Yeah, apparently it is that good, and then some..



7 thoughts on “iWant…

  1. Being a Mac addict since 1988, I’m constantly amazed by the company’s inventiveness and perseverance. And the new iPhone just looks yummy! I want one too…

  2. Oh c’mon now… doesn’t everyone want to ship their phones back to the manufacturer whenever they need the batteries replaced? For $79! (1/5th the cost of the unit!) Not to mention the three days without a phone… My boss asked me if he should get one — I told him to forget the 10′ pole and go with a 20′.

  3. Haha – I forgot, you’re in the ..er, IT business. Give it up man – it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. I want one, so do you. I will have one, so will you.. don’t make us drag you kicking and screaming into salvation, it doesn’t look good…

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