Schroedinger’s LOLCat

…Hate to admit it, but I do find the whole LOLCat phenomenon pretty damn amusing. And even if I didn’t, well, this is just too good…Schroedinger’s LOLCat: “Cory Doctorow:

As LOLCats go, this one is pretty spesh. Schroedinger’s LOLCat indeed.(via AccordionGuy)

Update: Rob sez, ‘That lolcat belongs to Kevin Steele of Mackerel fame!’

Update 2: Dan sez, ‘Just wanted to give you a link to the Flickr page of my lolcat, which gives due credit to those where credit is due.

(Via Boing Boing.)


3 thoughts on “Schroedinger’s LOLCat

  1. Aw, well, I think I need to make some LOLdogs…I’m feelin’ left out. But that one is pretty damn funnay…

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