Illegitimi non carborundum

 I’m indebted to Louise for furnishing me with the following snippet from the letters page in yesterday’s Times..

Trying times

As one of a rare breed, a teacher of Latin in a state comprehensive, I feel that the rendition of Kirkcaldy High School’s motto ‘Usque conabor’ as ‘always strive hard’ takes unnecessary liberties (report, May 19).
The motto is an affirmation rather than an order; a translation more faithful to the Latin, and perhaps to Gordon Brown too, is ‘I will try to the end.’

Andy Connell,

… As anyone who’s familiar with me can attest, this is clearly not the work of my hand. I never strive hard, and absolutely do not ‘try to the end’. I may have occasionally stumbled to the beginning, only to wander off and have a good sit down …


4 thoughts on “Illegitimi non carborundum

  1. If not the work of your hand, perhaps the work of your left foot?

    And I don’t suppose you can stumble this way a bit, put that new passport of yours to some good use before it atrophies.

  2. “I never strive hard, and absolutely do not ‘try to the end’.”

    Really? Then who’s responsible for this sound coming out of my hifi, and the stack of 10 shiny plastic discs sitting on my shelf? Elvis?

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