Anti-piracy group pirates anti-piracy report

Now this one is right up my strasse, and no mistake..

Anti-piracy group pirates anti-piracy report: “Cory Doctorow:
A reader writes, ‘The International Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting And Piracy’ initiative has been accused of pirating thousands of documents from anti-piracy tracking service Gieschen Consultancy. The documents apparently later reappeared in a slightly different format under the ICC’s own brandname. Statement from the consultancy:’

‘The ICC and BASCAP misrepresented themselves as a partner in 2006 and 2007, gained access to proprietary information and then took what they learned and incorporated it into their own product offerings.

Its functionality, user interface, presentation, method of classification, and delivery is clearly based on our designs and existing products. It is extraordinary that an organization committed to fighting counterfeiting and piracy would steal the intellectual property of another organization.’


(Via Boing Boing.)


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