What the hell is happening with the Dollar?

$2 to the pound? Bloody ridiculous. Good job I decided a couple of years back to hang onto dollars, on the basis that, y’know, it couldn’t get any worse, could it?

In other news, we’re now the proud owners of a new studio computer – a Macpro, which I’ve named Remington as he appears to be constructed entirely out of steel. So, here’s Jorge Luis Borges to say a few well-chosen words in honour of Remington:

“This was the first time Remington rifles were used in the Argentine, and it tickles my fancy to think that the firm that shaves me every morning bears the same name as the one that killed my grandfather.”


3 thoughts on “What the hell is happening with the Dollar?

  1. Ooooooo. I’ve got a Macpro also. 9GB of memory and over 2TB of disk space. Maybe we can get them together for a playdate.

  2. Great things to come from Remington & Co. surely. Many dollars,pounds,yen, etc. to follow no doubt.
    I’d like to have a reasonable facsimile of your dollar…that’s very cool.

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