Studio 60

Anyone see this when it was on? We didn’t get it over here, and I’ve heard various bad reports, all of which, of course, makes me even more interested. Hey – Aaron Sorkin, Brad Whitford and Matthew Perry? Gotta be great, right?..

(by the way – thanks to all who left such heartwarming comments on the post below..)


5 thoughts on “Studio 60

  1. Hey Andy:

    High hopes and high budget on this one. It was the classic crash and burn. It had studio money behind it, big-name stars who, in my opinion, did fantastic acting jobs, but the whole storyline suffered tremendously. As I recall, they yanked it pretty quickly, put it in hiatus and then eventually brought it back. To be honest, after watching about four episodes, I just lost interest, and now I’m not sure if it is still on or if it was finally cancelled for good. Again, just my opinion, but over here, we had just come off a VERY successful West Wing run and, while this show was nothing like West Wing in storyline, it was shot VERY similarly — don’t know how to explain it really. So I think us fickle Americans were tired of the format and could appreciate the fine run of West Wing, but we just weren’t ready to delve deeply into Studio 60.

    Hope this helps,

  2. There was a ton of hype. Heard rumblins NBC execs were furious with the “editorial content”. It became a media joke and left NBC in damage contol mode.
    As the clip demonstrates, a show taking aim at it’s own network isn’t in it’s own best interest…It was on for less than 15 minutes, couldn’t tell you what day or time.

  3. Bryan – thanks for that. Yeah, crash and burn was pretty much what I’d read. As for the West Wing, the first four series were absolutely essential viewing for me. 5,6 and7 were ok too, but I pretty much lost interest when Sorkin stopped writing them. I will, of course, be checking out Studio 60 as soon as I can get my hands on it. Ah, if only Richard Schiff was in it too..

  4. Loved the show, and I’m sorry to see it go. I love Sorkin’s rapid fire delivery style as seen in the early years of the West Wing…

    I still have all of the aired episodes of Studio 60 on my homebrew Tivo if you want to check it out 🙂

  5. Andy:

    I would agree with you re: WW. Sorkin was indeed, “The Man.” However, his personal problems got in the way of his genius and the show was never quite the same.

    I happened to catch “Sexual Perversion in Chicago” in London the last time I was there and it boasted Matthew Perry and Minnie Driver. It, too, was a disappointment. I personally think Perry is an extraordinary comedian; however, he’s not always cast in the best vehicles.

    Now, if you’re looking for something really interesting, you should check out Minnie D. and Eddie Izzard in “The Riches.” Only seen one episode so far, but was blown away.

    My best, Bryan

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