Stewart Lee on endoscopies and Joe Pasquale

It’s ‘surely’ time again – surely the funniest comedian working in England at the moment. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I like his turn of phrase, not to mention his merciless destruction of that panto-voiced buffoon..


5 thoughts on “Stewart Lee on endoscopies and Joe Pasquale

  1. It took him 2 minutes to make me laugh, and it was only the mention of genitals that did so. As you know, I find male genitalia amusing and I am easily irritated if I don’t get what I think is on offer.

    The main thing that irritated me was the fact that he doesn’t know the appropriate gramatical use of I and me. At 3 minutes his poor grammar annoyed me intesnely. After 3.5 minutes, I was completely disinterested.

    Give me Eddie Izzard any day (apart from as an actor, of course).

    And by the way, I’d rather you didn’t google me when you’re bored. It’s anyone’s guess what might happen if you persist.

  2. Uhhhh, I dunno. He’s not exactly knee-slappingly funny. I liked the beer/joke analogy at the end, though. Probably because I don’t know who the hell Joe Pasquale is, other than a joke-stealer.

    Nothing will ever beat “can I mambo dogface to the banana patch?” for me.

  3. Nothing will beat cats drilling behind the sofa for me.

    If only WP were like FuckSpace and allowed you to post YT clips.

    Now that’s funny.

    Bye then!

  4. Clever & funny w/style.
    Being amused is supposed to be at our disgression and leisure. Yes?
    I’ve often become very uncomfortable with the, “ouzi-at-my-head” styled comic.
    I like this guy.

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