First Circle

When it comes to influences I seem, for some inexplicable reason, to have airbrushed out this particular band. Don’t know why – maybe it was the overabundance of cheesecloth and big hair. Was always a huge fan, especially of pianist Lyle Mays – a crazy lookin’ individual to be sure, but what a player.. Anyway, this is my favourite piece by them, featuring Mr. Mays in fine form, and at least one helicopter-flying-over-a-cliff moment. (It’s around 6.50 if you’re of a mind to find it)..

(.. Oh, it’s the Pat Metheny Group, by the way..)


One thought on “First Circle

  1. PMG is always good. “Letter from Home” and “Sail Away” come to mind as favorites, but I don’t think he’s put anything out that wasn’t really good.

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