Last night’s Oscars iPhone ad. Of course I’ll be first in the queue, although in the UK that’s probably a year away..


4 thoughts on “Hello?

  1. The ironic thing is that euros tend to get the cool converged devices first, and we here in the states get them last (if ever). If this thing does sell for $500, I’ll be shocked if people actually buy them, since most Americans think mobiles should be cheap/free as part of the contract.

  2. I am not one of those Americans. I will get one first chance I get.

    And, Andy, it wouldn’t hurt if you had a US phone number. Whyn’t you come visit?

  3. Yeah, Andy!! Why not come over to the states for a bit, huh? When is the last time you visited?

    By the way, thought about the band today, as a brand new House of Blues is opening in Dallas in May…I smell a tour stop.

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